Sounds that are punching my soul in the face.

I keep an archive of songs that incite significant emotional reactions in me. Songs that I listen to when I’m feeling nostalgic or sad… or uninspired. It’s a list that I truly cherish and hope to some day share with someone I love and trust. I only add songs to this list that are true stand-outs to me; music I know I will cherish for years to come. Music is such a valuable currency to me – something that’s a true gift to give or receive.

I decided to post a few songs that have really measured up in the past few weeks. A few pieces of gold from the safe. Songs that have gotten me through the hard times and have given me inspiration to keep on trucking. I hope someone sees this, and gives them a chance. I’m certainly glad I did.

Royal Teeth – Heartbeats (Knife Cover)

Aqualung – Easier to Lie

NLX – Find Love

Jònsi РTornado

Foo Fighters – Home

Joss Stone – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Ed Sheeran – The Parting Glass