Summertime… and the living is ratchet.

Pretty much always in my normal living of life, I like to keep several events or happenings in the back of my head than I can look forward to. Having something to look forward to, helps one get through the dull and mundane tasks of daily adult living. Perhaps it’s a sad coping mechanism that is only temporarily disguising the fact that I’m a cynical, sad person who needs mental attention and assistance. Perhaps it’s just a way to survive. And with the awesome events I’ve lined up for this summer, SURVIVE I SHALL.

Here’s what I’ve got to look forward to, for Spring/Summer 2013:

Capital Funk Showcase 2013
We’re at it again. My favorite time of year – nice weather, loud music and an overdose of twerking.


The man of my dreams, in concert at the Rock & Roll Hotel on April 29th.

The Lakehouse
Staring Keanue Reeves and Sandra Bullock – only a bunch of ratchet ass bitches instead.

last year:
lake plank

this year:
hot tub

If this house and hot tub are left standing – I will consider my work unfinished.

I go home every year for forth of July festivities with my family. It’s a lovely yet lonesome road trip followed by a weekend of bbqing, swimming, drinking and occasional fist fights with my brothers. Police presence: VERY LIKELY.

road trip

Outdoor Movies in DC
If you live in DC and haven’t done this, you’re an asshat. It’s gorgeous in the evenings, and outdoor movies are perfect for a group of friends, a romantic date, or some alone time with you and a bottle of Pinot Noir. Relaxing. Entertaining. Shaming. Perfect.


SO… it’s looking to be a good summer. If I can somehow manage to get into decent shape, and have sex at least twice – I will consider it to be the most successful summer of my existence. I won’t hold my breath.



Person of the Week!

P E R S O N   O F   T H E   W E E K ! ! !

Oliver Sim


Oliver at a Glance:

– Leader singer of The xx

– Lips to die for

– Voice of God

– Super hot English accent

– Awkward turtle


Person of the Week!

I decided to do a weekly entry, highlighting a person who has inspired me in some way. Only the freshest, coolest of people will be featured. I’ll aim to focus on people who are original, funny, positive and have enhanced the life of both myself and the people around me.

P E R S O N   O F   T H E   W E E K :

Mindy Kaling


If you’re not watching the comedy “The Mindy Project” on FOX, then you suck. If you care at all about breaking stereotypes for women/people of COLOR in comedy then you should feel obligated to tune in. The good news is, it’s actually hilarious.

I first heard about Mindy, was when she was writing for The Office. I never really got into The Office but I was intrigued to know that a sassy indian girl was garnering huge success as writer – super awesome. Then, my friend Ben recommended her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I found the book to be hilarious, insightful and also eerily similar to how my own autobiographical piece would read. And now, the Mindy Project. A show where her neurosis and quirkiness will make you fall in love with her, while simultaneously peeing your pants. I’m also a big fan of any girl who owns the SHIT out of her curves and realizes that they are hot pieces of ass. Mindy is witty, sexy and her energy is amazing which is why she is my pick for PERSON OF THE WEEK!

Here’s this…

You’re welcome.