This dog who just CAN’T handle LIFE right now because everything is happening so much.


Photo credit: buzzfeed via Josef Lorentz

I am this dog. 

I’m trying my best to keep my mouth shut and not start huge social media fights within my family, but I cannot emphasize how incredibly difficult it is to be the only liberal in the bunch. I’m berated with anti-Obama, pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay posts and it makes anger course through me like poison. I’ve got this internal battle of trying to decide where my obligations lie as a family member, what the moral implications of choosing to cut people OUT of my life are and whether or not there is a balance that won’t make me want to hurl my computer across the room. My family (sans a few sticks-in-the-mud) has really come around on gay issues via their exposure to it (me) and first-hand experiences since my coming out. Perhaps if I get shot they’ll start to loosen up their uber conservative views on guns. Does anyone have an assault rifle I can borrow? 

Quick clarification/Just for fun: I’m not certain of where I stand on newly proposed anti-gun legislation. More compelling to me is finding solutions that impact/improve criminal behavior on a broader scale. I do, however, think that owning a gun changes a person and what their initial responses to threats are – in a way that makes me extremely uncomfortable. 

Big shout out to my awesome staff who made me feel so much better yesterday after I momentarily lost faith in humanity. 

Also, check back later for a post about a birthday card I got in the mail yesterday, that I’m pretty sure was sent to me solely as a passive aggressive insult. From someone I love very much. FML.