My mother, my hero.

The quote in my last entry really got me thinking about individuals who truly MATTER to me – people who are enhancing my life and making a lasting and positive impact on me. Where I should focus my energy – and on whom. In running these thoughts through my head, I realized I needed to speak on something.

I recently got verbally assaulted by one of my family members who was angry at me for sharing an opinion on Facebook. After a heated, but tactful conversation, this person launched a decade-long  furious stream of consciousness, attacking my character as a gay person and as an independent. They unleashed a tirade that for the most part, had very little to do with ME and things that I’ve done. To round it off, they attacked all of the progress that I have made over the years, in order to be my own person and to resist turning out the way I could have with the odds I had stacked against me.

I didn’t feel like the messaged dignified a response, because of something that was perfectly reinforced by that quote I posted:

“There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will”

It might seem extreme, or rash – but instead of continuing the argument and giving this person the benefit of the doubt, I instead chose to ignore them. I’m not going to subscribe to the notion that family ties are so strong, that they excuse people from acting like rational, respectful and loving human beings. When you get right down to it – people that insist on bringing that type of negativity into the world – they don’t matter to me. Especially people who use lies to break down people that they should really have love for.

I’m so proud of all I’ve accomplished, without any handouts. I got myself through college and I was able to move to a city I love and build a life that I can be proud of in my old age. Sure, I’ll be paying off my college loans until I’m old and gray, but I’m proud of that.

I’m even prouder of the people I have surrounded myself with. My friends are incredible, accepting, encouraging and they are care about me in a way that transcends the bounds of normal friendships. My family is so supportive of me and all my ambitions, thoughts and action – regardless of whether or not they agree with them. And then the person I’m most of proud of in my life, my mother – who is a beacon of light for me. Instances like the one described above, make me so thankful I have a mother like her. Someone who at their core, is truly kind and has given her everything to ensure the well-being of her children.

My mother, my hero – for teaching me that I get to choose who matters to me in this life.



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