Being Barefoot

This might make me sound like the biggest hick in the world, a true resident of Portville, NY, but I think being barefoot is one of the best feelings in the world. Shoes are restricting, unhygienic, and painful. I love them as a fashion statement just as much as the next person, but the feeling of someone’s admiration of my shoes pales in comparison of the feeling of taking them off after a long day. It’s absolutely liberating.

On the subject of feet – many of my friends know that I have a bit of an issue with really gross or unattractive feet. I think this notion has also falsely implied that I hate feet.


A good pair of feet, that someone takes GOOD care of, can be a great asset on a guy. In fact, they can actually turn me on a bit. (Not in a freaky, foot-fetish kind of way, but more of a “get home from a long day and rub my man’s feet” kind of way.) To satisfy him and make him feel loved through non-sexual but intimate body contact is something that sounds incredibly appealing.

I was thinking tangentially about the incredible sensations we feel with our feet. I experience some of my favorite sensations with my feet. Lying in bed, running your feet along the sheets during a good stretch, moving your toes around and feeling wonderfully cozy. Walking on a beach and burying your toes in that really fine, powdery sand and suddenly feeling like a kid again. Walking outside after a hot day, and stepping onto a thick patch of grass that has just started to cool after sunset.

So no… I don’t hate feet. I love my feet and the great things I’ve been able to experience with them. And one day, I’ll love someone else’s too.

Shoes off to that.

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