Jay Brannan blows a senator, then performs.

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of seeing one of my favorite musicians, Jay Brannan, perform at the Rock n Roll Hotel in North East DC. For me this was a long awaited show, since Jay has been on tour for some time now and has not visited DC in 2 years. I’ve been in love with his music ever since I bought the soundtrack for the movie Shortbus. If you haven’t seen this movie- RENT IT NOW. Even if you end up hating it, it will give you enough material to fantasize about for weeks, since everyone in the cast is BEAUTIFUL.

I dragged along my embarrassingly wild and inappropriate friends Akela and Miranda, who aren’t extremely familiar with his music but both have seen his film “Shortbus”. I’ve tried (like a good friend should) to shove Shortbus and Hedwig and The Angry Inch down as many people’s throats as possible- but only a few of my friends were smart enough to realize the great works of art they both are. Jay Brannan’s musical contribution to Shortbus, “Soda Shop” is cute and catchy and upon further scrutiny of his music it’s clear to see- he’s sort of brilliant.

Needless to say, Jay put on a wonderful show. He opened with his fabulous “Jaydy GaGa” rendition the Lady GaGa number “Eh, Eh”, debuted a new song in Spanglish, and covered (flawlessly might I add) Patty Griffin’s “Every Little Bit”. He also played a great mixture of the fan favorites, “Soda Shop”, “God Damned”, “Can’t Have it all”, and “Home”.

Aside from the CD sales guy totally cock-blocking my photo-op with Jay, and a few over-enthused wannabe singers in the audience, it was an awesome experience. Had the night ended with me singing the national anthem into his ass, it would’ve been a dream come true.

Jay- if you ever read this. I vow to get a gym membership, dye my hair black and stand on the street corners of Spain if it means I might have a chance with you.

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