Hiatus, be gone!

I took the month of July to settle into the chaos of my new working life. Of course this was done unintentionally, but it seems responsible and professional of me to say it was planned. It’s also a relevant excuse for my readers- so that they aren’t angry with me. And by “readers,” I mean me.

I’ve settled into SPSSI, and I feel like part of the team which is great. I’m comfortable at work and although I still hold back a little- I know that eventually I’ll be able to my quirky self in full-effect. When first employed at a new organization, there is a trial period in which you’re both trying to prove your good work ethic and your positive social skills. I’ll let my guard down as soon as I get some hints that I’m doing well on both sides of the spectrum.

Capital Funk will be gearing up in less than a month. Preparing for the new year has proven to be a somewhat tumultuous task, given the uncertainty of the team dynamic. So many things have changed and the general attitude of our dancers is one of worry and fear.

There has been discussion about our new captains and whether they’ll be effective as the sole leaders: discussion about whether or not to elect new captains. During the course of  this, my name has been thrown into the mix. If you know me- you’d understand that my dedication to cfunk is limitless, so of course I’m 100% for this idea. The team is at a vulnerable place, but also at a peak for potential and I really think I have the experience and leadership to tackle this responsibility head-on. However- dedication to tradition,  a sense of fear and a willingness to “settle” within the current leadership is throwing everything into limbo.
There are different ways to be leaders on this team, sure. But I only see one way in which my ambition, input and creativity wont be effectively limited- and that’s by being a captain. Having a voice is important, but proves useless if that voice has no weight when it really counts- when it means the most. I just hope the people with the right to choose- consider the team and choose what’s best of us. It would break my heart to be able to say “i told you so”. Especially because there’s simply no reason for that to happen. I’m hardly the only leader on the team- so I emphasize: if we have these great resources, why NOT utilize them in the highest capacity possible? But, of course, all I can do is hope at this point.

Unrelated to that, I’m all set to move into a new apartment on Sept 11, 2010. The new place (Blair House) is relatively close to where I currently leave- in same walking distance from the metro but in a slightly more convenient distance from the supermarket.

The new place has 2 bedrooms 2 baths, gas stove, walk-in closets, carpet, a balcony a pool, a gym, free parking. THE WORKS! The best part: NO MICE!

I can’t wait to move in, decorate and make this place my new home. I will be soliciting volunteers as the date approaches.

I think those are all of the updates for now. Fingers crossed that I can keep these updates coming.

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