are you there god? it’s me, thankful

Well, it’s been a complete and total struggle finding a job here in DC since I left the NSLC last August. Nine months of hunting, prying, interviewing and barely scraping by and finally it’s all over. Yesterday afternoon, I was offered an administrative position at SPSSI (Society for Psychological Studies on Social Issues). I’d love to say that all the prayers finally paid off, but I think there was something in the works for me this whole time. I just needed to be calm and let it come to me. Accepting life on life’s terms kept me patient enough to wait for this phenomenal opportunity. An opportunity that I feel is such a great fit for me. I’m not settling for this job, I’m honored to take it.

The awkward part is, Wonya (my supervisor here at Discovery) asked me to come in next week at noon- because if I came before then it’d probably be pretty awkward. Translation: Donna is getting fired and they don’t want me at her desk until she’s cleared out. This opens another door, potentially one that pays a LOT MORE than what I’ll be making at SPSSI. However, I’d rather being doing something I feel good about, rather than just providing support for someone who is a high-up exec. I want to be happy at work.

So I start at SPSSI on June 9th and I’m so overwhelmed with relief and joy… thankfulness. Here’s to new doors opening!


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