In my suit and tie… being that guy.

Tuesday, after my interview with the SPSSI, (which I feel very optimistic about) I receieved a call from Discovery asking if I was interested in a temporary Executive Assistant Position in the Coporate Marketing Branch of the company. After a brief conversation with the recruiter and a quick interview with the Chief Marketing Officer of Discovery, I got the offer. So I am officially a contingent worker at Discovery for the next few days, with the possibility that they’ll need me to stay on for longer/permanently.

I’m currently filling in for a woman named Donna, who has become a strange object of obsession for me. She is apparently out on “sick leave,” but all of the employees seem to be tip-toing around the exact details, as if she did something unthinkably wrong before she left. Marty, a very friendly woman who was training me, even let it slip that she probably wont be coming back- or that the position would eventually become permanent. So now, considering the fact the I have a lot of free time while sitting at her desk, I’ve found myself attempting to investigate her life. Was she actually sick, or did something else prompt her to leave? She has a son in the marines, as is evidenced by this creepy framed photo centered on her desk, that I’m really tempted to take down. She also has a daughter, or her son has a girlfriend as evidenced by another photograph plastered to the cubicle wall. She also has a twitter account, which hasn’t been updated in 6 months. All I know is that 6 months ago, she was “watching ellen”  at 2:00pm in the afternoon. Maybe chronic Ellen watching is one reason they don’t seem so fond of her around here.

She has a facebook profile, but it’s private and all I can see is her profile photo. She looks very unhappy and overly-shiny for a woman her age. Also, I find myself wondering- why is she so detached from the world? An abandoned Twitter page. A private facebook page. No friends at her job. I think she might be a murderer.

But just in case she is sick, I’ll continue to wipe down this entire workspace with Clorox wipes, twice daily. You can never be too safe in these types of situations.

What’s the REAL story, Donna?


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