Another Day, Another Opportunity

Tomorrow I will be interviewing at the Society for Psychological Studies on Sociological Issues. Its headquarters are located here in North East, just a quick walk from Union Station. I never thought I’d be taking another shot at a career in the fields of psychology or sociology… but this opportunity landed in my lap and I’m not about to turn it down.

The SPSSI is a network of scientists and professionals whose psychological research on social issues is used in various ways to affect public policy and social change. They’ve had significant contributions to hate crime laws, laws on affirmative action and many, many other social issues. This position is an administrative level, so I am feeling confident… but given my luck over the past few months, I’m at least being sensible about it.

My track record:

HRC: Applied & Interviewed for 2 positions, REJECTED

DISCOVERY: Applied for 3 positions, interviewed for 2, final-round interviews, REJECTED

ARAMARK: Interviewed for position, was offered the job, RESCINDED due to budget cuts

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: Interviewed for position, REJECTED

This will either be the start of something new, or and addition to an already pathetic list that is making me hate DC more and more each day. WISH ME LUCK.

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